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Keep your group safe

  • $0 Direct Cost Testing Program

  • Fast and Efficient Process

  • Physician Assisted

  • Fast and Accurate Results next day after lab receipt

Physician assisted, “best-in-class” PCR Covid testing for your group at your location.  All costs are covered by Federal Government Grants and private insurance.  Results delivered within 48 hours.

On-site $0 Direct Cost
Covid 19 at your location

Physician assisted $0 direct costs “best-in-class” PCR Covid testing for your  organization at your location.  

All costs and fees are covered by Federal Grants and private insurance.  All students, faculty, parents siblings are eligible.  Easy to implement on-site testing program with the most accurate and fast results possible.  Physician assisted with televisits.  Process 40~50 students per hour per workstation; multiple workstations possible up to 10 per site. Find out more about school testing 

To keep youth sports safe and make coming together possible to compete, accurate proactive testing is essential.  Find out more

On-site Covid PCR with results the next day.   ~50 employees per queue per hour.  We support up to 10 simultaneous queues.  All employees, family members and business associates of your organization qualify for $0 Direct cost Covid testing.  Find out more

Organizations can test their members at home with physician oversight included.  Some restrictions apply.  Find out more

We offer “best-in-class” Covid testing that can be performed at either your location or at your group members homes and sent overnight to our laboratory for analysis.

In partnership with Best-in-Class laboratories performing  perform RT-PCR testing the ‘gold standard’ in Covid detection and testing.  

The best COVID-19 test coupled with the Best Software platform

“There is a greater likelihood of false negative results when taking pooled Covid tests”  FDA publications

Best-in-Class PCR based testing

Individually process RT-PCR tests. Highly accurate, next day results after lab receipt. Other platforms that "pool samples" are less accurate and subject to FALSE Negative/Positive tests.

Physician Guidance

Ensure accuracy and proper care with no cost physician guidance on the testing process. With physician oversight, the surety that the costs are covered by insurance dramatically increase.

Fast and Efficient Process

With our platform you can test ~50 people per hour per televisit queue at your facility with ease. We support up to 10 on-site queues televisit simultaneously.

Fast Accurate Test Results

Test results are delivered typically the next day from lab receipt via SMS, televisit or patient portal.

What our Clients say about Our solution

QRMDs helped us when we had a substantial outbreak within our manufacturing facility of Covid. We were able to get it under control and have been keeping our workforce safe ever since.
Sally- HR
We used QRMDs to test our team and keep them safe so we can compete and practice with peace of mind. We were able to test our players, coaches and their family members fast and efficiently. Much more so than any other testing experience we have encountered. We get our results the next day.
Robert- Volleyball Club Director
QRMDs solution is so much more efficient than our previous one. We didn't even realize our tests were pooled before and they took forever to get results. With QRMDs and Guardant we get results in 24 hours!
Amy- HR

On Site Testing for Covid

Our samples are individually processed by best-in-class ‘gold standard’ RT-PCR process with over 98% of our results delivered the next day after lab receipt.  Your tests are NOT pooled with others.

Results next day at
$0 direct cost

QRMDs can enable your business to perform onsite Covid testing fast and efficiently.  We can test ~50 people onsite per hour per televisit queue, andan support up to 10 simultaneous televisit queues per site

Testing for Schools 

Keep your student population safe

“Check your children’s health each day, review proper hand washing techniques and have available Covid testing”.  CDC.

With our program all costs for testing are covered by a Federal grant and private insurance.  Find out more about school programs.

Getting our children back into schools is important to return to normalcy.  Having a proactive Covid surveillance program is essential.

Home Testing Options

All group and family members qualify for free testing

As a member of a group testing plan, automatically all of the family members of that group qualify as well under the same plan for $0 cost testing including all others that have been in close contact with your group member.

Free Overnight Delivery

To ensure the best and most reliable testing results, we provide priority overnight shipping of all collected samples via FedEx to our lab. All samples MUST be shipped the day that they are collected. See your testing coordinator for more information.

Accurate Results Each and Every Time

With our partnership with top laboratories delivers 'best-in-class' RT-PCR based COVID-19 testing. Superior digital health platform and fast accurate results. on the market with incredibly fast reporting.

Currently for our GROUP testing programs we offer the ability to perform at home test collection for your members as an additional option to keeping your members safe.  

Your group members and their families can collect the test samples directly in their own home, drop them at a FedEx collection site and have the results within the next day of lab receipt.

Currently home testing is only available in connection with a group testing plan

Contact information

Alternatively if you want to simply send us an inquiry you can email

Why RT-PCR testing is better

Make sure your group is protected using the right test that will catch the problems infection.

All PCR based Covid tests are not equal.  Read more

The FDA clearly states regarding pooling of samples as most labs do today: 

“…because samples are diluted, which could result in less viral genetic material available to detect, there is a greater likelihood of false negative results, particularly if not properly validated.”

Impact of Genetic Variation on Diagnostic Tests:

“The presence of SARS-CoV-2 genetic variants change the performance of the SARS-CoV-2 test. The FDA reminds clinical laboratory staff and health care providers about the risk of false negative results”   “The prevalence of genetic variants may vary in any population and may lead to more false negative results than otherwise expected.”


The QRMDs solution is the gold standard in testing

Best-in-Class RT-PCR based testing with fast turnaround times and accuracy.  The ‘gold standard’. 

Frequently Asked Questions

We are partners with top quality  high complexity laboratory with an FDA EUA-authorized test for COVID-19.  Our tests are not pooled and are individually processed.  Our laboratories are CLIA approved and CAP-accredited, which are the highest levels of accreditation. The testing accuracy of RT-PCR based tests are the ‘gold-standard’ amongst Covid test screening employed today  Almost all competing tests done today are “pooled” and rely on a light signature that is imprecise, thus reducing test sensitivity resulting in higher instances of false negatives, false positive and indeterminate results when there are low viral loads. 

The QRMDs accuracy provides you greater assurance that you can take comfort in receiving a negative result or positive result and also allows you to be proactive at an earlier stage if Covid-19 is detected, even if symptoms have not developed.  

QRMDs will establish individual clinical medical necessity and document this 3 times for each patient encounter.  Per the CARES Act, all testing that is based on medical necessity ordered by a physician, qualify for $0 direct cost, co pay or deductible obligations for both asymptomatic and symptomatic individuals alike.  The program covers insured and uninsured alike.   All company insurance plans in states are different and we encourage you to find out more about how we can help you with this program.

If your group members are not qualified as being medically necessary,  you will be notified in advance and asked if you would like to pay for the cost of the testing or test.  You will not incur any surprise charges with regard to the program

Providing medical necessity the cost of all tests are reimbursed by insurance and the Federal Government with no direct costs of copays or deductibles.  Both insured and uninsured within your group are covered under the CARES Act.  Medical necessity must be established beforehand at least 24 hours prior to testing that day.  Some restrictions apply speak to your sales representative regarding these issues.

The RT-PCR test is and has been considered the ‘gold standard’ in front line Covid detection.

Are medical professionals involved in the process?

QRMDs has a team of physicians who will review your order and results. Our medical professional team is on standby throughout the testing process and, if you test positive, you will receive a notification to discuss your results and treatment options online through the QRMDs website.

The steps are fairly simple.

First, you assign a liaison and site coordinator to manage the logistical coordination for the testing along with an assigned QRMDs designating point person.

Second, each member of your organization must register as a patient and sign the appropriate consent forms.

Third, you establish the days you would like to test, how many people within your organization you want to test with what frequency. 

Fourth, you will establish a location to establish a televisit or multiple locations at your facility .  Your assigned logistics person can help with that. 

With our proprietary patent pending AI based software we can facilitate testing ~50 people per hour per queue.  Multiple queues can be easily set up so that capacity is scaled accordingly. 

All samples are individually sequenced and lab results are delivered 98% of the time the next day.  

Each participant will receive a collection kit either from your organization’s administrator or shipped directly to their home. The kit contains detailed easy to follow instructions and diagrams to help guide the collection of the sample. The participant will self-collect their sample from home or designated site following the instructions provided. This is an easy to follow and gentle process, no different to using a cotton swab to clean the inside of your nose. To help ensure proper collection, all test collections will be assisted and supervised by a medical provider via a video call through the QRMDs website.

Yes. While the vaccine may prevent you from getting sick, it will not prevent you from contracting the virus.  You will not likely develop symptoms, but can still be a carrier.  Testing should be done to see if you have the virus and are unintentionally capable of asymptomatically spreading it.   That is why, until more is understood about how well the vaccine works, continuing with precautions such as mask-wearing and physical distancing will be important. (Lisa Maragakis, M.D., M.P.H., senior director of infection prevention, and Gabor Kelen, M.D., director of Johns Hopkins Office of Critical Event Preparedness and Response).

 Testing will enable you to identify whether you are still carrying the virus. 

Currently, as of February ’21, as long as it is determined that the testing is medically necessary to test your group members (employees, students etc.) the costs are covered by insurance benefits.

The bar for medical necessity currently is very low.  This could and likely will change over time.  As this develops and matures your account executive will work with you to assist you in identifying the accurate and correct testing days and frequency. 

This depends upon the current infection rate within your area(s) and other factors such as how often your group interacts with others.

Generally the idea is to catch an infection in one or more group members prior to them infecting the rest of the general population of your group to prevent an outbreak within your facility or location. 

To best serve this we reccomend you test twice a week on Monday/Tuesday and again on Thursday or Friday.  in this way the tests you run on Thursday will report results on Saturday which gives you the opportunity to keep those infected in your group from returning on Monday.  Subsequently you can follow up with testing on Monday or Tuesday, to be sure you catch the infected at the earliest possible time.

“We prevent those who are infected from infecting others in our workplace by regular testing and early detection.  We are able to keep our workforce safe and our business in operational”.

“We proactively test every week”. 

“We have watched other businesses around us have their workforce decimated by Covid infections.  By testing proactively, we are able to keep infections from impacting others inside our facility which would impact our productivity.  While our employees have gotten Covid, by catching the infected early we haven’t had to shut down our facility while others have”.   

How we keep our business running with QRMDs