Friends Middle School COVID-19 Program Registration

This is a $0 Cost Rt-PCR Covid testing program open to anyone who would like a Covid test.

Registering yourself and your minor child for Covid testing on QRMDs-  What you will need to know

    • Our platform uses multiple ways in which we manage and deliver your information to you.
    • All information delivered is HIPAA compliant. One of our primary methods of contact is via secure text SMS message.
    • Your email address and cell phone number will be used to uniquely identify you.
    • Please use the same cell phone number and email each time you interact with QRMDs.
    • You will need to have a digital copy of your insurance card available during this process.

You will first register yourself and then register your minor child by ADDING THEM TO YOUR ACCOUNT in the patient portal.  Each week prior to testing, you will be asked to perform a “medical necessity verification” to qualify for $0 cost Covid testing.  This must be completed each and every time you test, at least one day prior to the test day.  You can complete this as much as a week in advance. 

We have 24/7/365 support available via chat on our website by live operators.  We also offer support via email at “”


The Testing Process

Step 1
Parents Register Online

Parents register for an online account with their information, and will then add their minor children in their patient portal. 

Step 2
Medical Necessity

Each week, before you or your child takes a test you must complete 4 short ‘Medical Necessity’  questions.  This should happen at least 1 day prior to your test day and can happen up to a week before your test.  This takes only seconds, and is collected to document medical necessity of your test for insurance purposes and the physician order.  


Step 3
Take the test

You are assigned a vial code, and you will self collect your sample.  This is done on campus.  Then you will meet briefly via televisit with a QRMDs medical professional.   

Step 4
Get Results

Laboratory results are delivered within 24-36 hours of receipt by the laboratory.  When the results of your test are in, we will reach out to you via secure SMS message and initiate a brief visit to give you your results, either via video conference or phone.  

our process

On Campus Covid Testing

Our process documents medical necessity for each test 3 times, and is reviewed by at least 2 medical professionals and our Medical Director, 

A better way to keep your student population safe

Our testing program will work for you

We have 24/7/365 live operator support via chat on our website available at the bottom of the page.

Emails to support are answered in the order received and usually in 24 hours from when we receive them.  Please use chat for more immediate responses. 

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