Keeping children safe

Step 1
Parents Register Online

Testing participants register online.  All family members and close contacts qualify for testing.

Step 2
Children Bring Home Test Kits

The test kits are are sent home from school with children.  Parents answer 4 simple questions for each child/person to be tested online and register their test kit vial. 

Extra kits are provided and stored in the refrigerator for later user.

Step 3
Self-Collect Sample

Samples are self-collected and participant has a brief televisit with a physician online either on a cell phone, laptop or desktop.  We support all platforms Mac, PC, IOS and Android.

Step 4
Drop Off at School

Sample kits are dropped off at school in the collection box and sent to the lab by the site coordinator.

Step 5
Get Lab Results

Results are delivered the following day after lab receipt online via SMS or physician assisted televisit.

our process

Getting Started

Our onboarding process is simple and easy.  Contact our staff and we can get you up and running quickly and efficiently.

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