Temp Testing Site Admin Menu

To recover your password if you lost it you can click here 

Temporary menu for testing site admins.  

View participants registered in your program

This table will show all of your REGISTERED participants who have registered but NEED a “medical necessity check”.  

This will show you who has successfully completed the medical necessity check and is ready to test and be assigned a test kit vial

This button will show you whom has already taken the test so far so you can check


This screen will allow you to change the ID number of a test kit vial,

Click here for explanation on how to make the changes

All participants MUST perform a medical necessity check at least 24 hours prior to their test day.  All samples MUST be dropped at FedEx the DAY they are collected, otherwise the samples will NOT be run by the lab.

how to edit a vial code

If you find that you need to have a new vial code or change a vial code the link above will take you to the screen to do that.  To actually edit the code if you see the image below when you click the link there will be a table that will pop up  and look like this.  you will see a pencil on the right and if you click on that it will allow you to edit the vial code number for that participant.