How to register you and your children

Step 1
Adults/Parents register first

Parents of testing participants register online first.  Please have a digital copy of your insurance information handy.  You must have a valid cell phone number to send and receive SMS messages to interact with us, which you will verify during registration.  A PARENT OF MINOR CHILDREN MUST REGISTER THEIR INFORMATION AS A PATIENT EVEN IF YOU DO NOT EVER PLAN ON TAKING A COVID TEST.

Step 2
Add your minor children

After you have registered, you must log in to your patient portal using the email/password you set up when registering.  Once logged in, choose the option to “Add Additional Patient”.  From here you will individually add each of your minor children or dependents and enter their insurance information, if different than yours.  You may go back and edit your information in your patient profile later. 

Step 3
Medical Necessity verification

Upon initial registration, you will be asked to answer 4 short medical necessity questions.  This will take only seconds, and must be done EACH TIME before you or your child takes their Covid 19 test, at least one day prior to your testing day.   

Remember, you MUST answer the medical necessity questions on behalf of your children each week, at least one day prior to the testing day, to qualify for a $0 cost Covid 19 test.

After this you should be registered

Reach out to us for information here.