$0 Cost On-Campus COVID 19 Testing

No contracts to sign.  No specialized medical staff required.  Fully FDA/EUA approved.

RT-PCR and Rapid tests available
at $0 direct cost

Self-administered, self-collected tests.  Fast, efficient and effective on-campus physician-assisted via telemedicine program for COVID-19 testing.  There are no contracts to sign, and no specialized medical staffing required.  Both RT-PCR and Rapid tests available.   Fully FDA/EUA approved.

Step 1
Parents Register Online

One-time online parent registration.  Parents then add their minor children to their account.  

Step 2
Medical Necessity Verification

Weekly Medical Necessity Verification – less than 45 seconds to complete. 


Step 3
Take The Test

Participant self-collects a nasal swab and performs a brief televisit with a physician. 

Step 4
Get Results

Test results are delivered via text/SMS secure messaging, usually within 24 hours of laboratory receipt.

$0 Cost COVID Testing

No Contracts to Sign, No Specialized Medical Staffing Required.

$0 cost physician-assisted COVID-19 testing, on campus, via telemedicine. 

Parents Register Online

(a one-time process)

Parents register online and add their minor children to their account. 

Medical Necessity Verification

Four questions that take less than 45 seconds.  Each week at least 48 hours before each test.

Sample is Self Collected

Students self collect their nasal swabs, 1/4″ deep only.

Automated System

“AI”- based proprietary testing platform.  Test vials are scanned by school testing coordinator.

Physician Supervised

All testing is physician-assisted via telemedicine.  

FAST and Accurate Results

Both RT-PCR and Rapid Tests

Fast and accurate individually processed (not pooled) RT-PCR and Rapid tests.  Results usually within 24 hours from lab receipt.

Contract Tracing and Dashboard

We establish a custom web portal and coordinator dashboard for your school, making reporting and contact tracing easy.  

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