Why All PCR Covid Tests Are Equal

Is there a difference in PCR Covid tests?

PCR, the “gold standard”  It is universally recognized that RT-PCR testing is the Gold Standard when it comes to a reliable Covid 19 test.  But all RT-PCR tests are not the same nor are they equally accurate.   To understand all the nuance about the science itself is complex and detailed.  But in the most general terms, the vast majority of all RT-PCR tests are pooled.  This is a process where your sample is combined with several others and run together.  This saves both time and money on the part of the labs.  However “pooled” testing is not nearly as accurate as individual testing.  In fact the CDC states that pooled testing is subject to both “false positive and false negative” results.  

Is your PCR test the right one?

The FDA has warned for a long time that certain PCR based tests are not accurate.  In one case, they have even revoked the EUA (Emergency Use Authorization) for one of these test with the company essentially admitting that their test wasn’t accurate.  Ultimately that company is now using another test.  But do you want to trust them with your group? 

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